Kormee MOBLI 1607ΑR


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This cable winch for the mini excavator is available in different versions:

- Automatic without pull force registration

- Automatic with pull force registration


- This compact winch is easy to carry on the trailer where the mini excavator is also transported, or even in the back of the van.

- The robust construction makes it a product that will last for years.

- Operation is simple, from the cabin of the mini excavator

- Uses hydraulics on the mini excavator, so no additional power pack is required.

- CE In accordance with the Machinery Directive 06/42 / EC as included in the (inter) national legislation and where

applicable complies with the harmonized standard, NEN-EN-ISO 13857 2008.

Advantages Automatic variant:

- Automatic winding device

- Rotatable quick coupler for ease of positioning

- Freewheel mode for unwinding the cable

Advantages of the type with pull force registration:

* Registration of the load on the cable

* Digital reporting


Only suitable for horizontal pulling movements, in accordance with the maximum pulling force. Not suitable for vertical winch movements, or hoisting.

Different cable diameters are possible:

* 7mm with 350 meter cable

* 8mm with 300 meter cable

* 10mm with 200 meter cable


ModelMOBLI 1607ΑR
Voorraad nummer100162
Cable diameter8mm
Cable length300m